Guitars Matrix was created to be a resource for sharing information and opportunities among an international guitar community. With the help of contributors, it will become a valuable point of reference for musicians, luthiers, and enthusiasts alike.

A major focus of the website is to keep a close watch on spam or unrelated advertising, so as the group grows, the information and products available will stay strictly relevant. Everything on the site will be useful and to the point.

Because of the aforementioned pitfalls of online resources, the necessity for membership and personal profiles has arisen. These are free to create, and no fees for membership apply.  Anybody with a business related to the guitar/music industry is welcome to contact us, and apply to create a profile.  The same goes for all guitar and bass players who would like to contribute or be involved.

Those with active profiles who contribute to this website are also eligible for commissions generated by the traffic their page(s) will bring to the site .  We will strive to help you to achieve success online, creating a discerning and intelligent audience for your businesses, as well as giving you the possibility to use the online Guitars Matrix store as an additional vehicle for your products and services.

The same opportunities are available for musicians who would like to be heard by an international collective of creative and talented guitar and bass players. You will be able to post your music, advertise gigs, and contact like-minded musicians, both locally and abroad.

This website is designed with ethics and integrity in mind. 10% of all profits generated through the site will be split between planting trees, keeping guitar making sustainable, and also a dividend for any non-profit organisation interested in taking part in our program. For more info on this, please visit our support organisation page.

The primary force behind Guitars Matrix is a passion for music. All membership is completely cost and risk free. However, this is also a forum for businesses, and as such, business opportunities exist here. For a clear explanation of the legal factors and potential commissions that can be earned through this website, please read about our contributor program